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Perfect Wedding invitation in PDF

In your wedding invitation, it is important to inform your guest about the wedding schedule and all information about the date and place. Try to use bold colors because they create a good impression on your guests.

You can design your wedding invitation by own. There are many online tools where you can design your wedding invitation. Steps for making a wedding invitation-

Choose a theme

The first step in designing a wedding invitation is to choose a perfect theme. You can find a lot of themes in your favorite tools and choose one of them according to your need. Choose a theme that makes a good impression on your guests.

Mention your events

In your wedding events, you have to mention you wedding events for example dinner, party, etc. try to fill important information, so guest understands all about you wedding function.

Background and image

Try to use beautiful backgrounds in your wedding invitation. You can download background online, try to use bold colors background that grabs the attention of the people on your guest list.

Choose beautiful images that create a stunning look for your wedding invitation. You can download stock images or add your own images for wedding invitations. You can add different icons like star, heart, bird, etc.

Download your wedding invitation

After you are satisfied with your design you can download your design on your device. Always choose high resolution we recommend PNG or PDF formats because these are easy to print.

How to print a wedding invitation

A good wedding invitation is very important as it creates a first impression on your guest. I recommend PDF format because it is easy to print and easy to share with any device. Some online tools only allow PNG or Jpj format in wedding invitation download. But PDF formats are the most used and easy to share and print. If your wedding invitation is on PNG and you want to convert this format into PDF formats. You can find several online free tools that convert PNG files into PDF format.


One of the best tools is 2pdf.com. 2pdf.com is an online free tool that allow to convert PDF file into any format and vice versa.

If your wedding invitation is in PNG format and you want to convert this into PDF and you don’t want to lose your wedding invitation quality you can choose 2pdf.com

Very simple steps you can convert PNG into PDF

  • Go to 2pdf.com
  • Click the option PNG to PDF
  • Select your file and click on the convert option
  • Download your file.

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