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PremiumAV Announces Full Range of Rovtop USB Webcam With Built-in Microphone

PremiumAV, a leading provider of new-age PC & Mobile accessories, today introduces the new Rovtop USB camera with 1080p video, inbuilt microphone. Designed for video conferencing, live streaming, and gaming, this easy-to-use, all-in-one collaboration solution offers sharp images and vibrant sound.

Rovtop webcams exemplify premiumAV’s continued commitment to offering competitive personal collaboration devices that enhance remote communications. These webcams are designed to meet the growing remote collaboration needs of any organization with a portfolio of powerful and easy-to-use webcams. The Rovtop webcams deliver 1080p HD videos. This device ensures sharp and high-quality images without interruption and offers breathtaking quality, allowing friends and loved ones to see and hear the real you.

Rovtop webcam features include fixed focus, auto white balance, and backlight compensation, as well as brightness chroma, saturation, contrast, and sharpness adjustments. It delivers amazingly crisp and clear HD video capturing with faster, smoother, and continuous transmission on all PCs and laptops. The device comes with a flexible mounting clip with rubber pads that enables the camera to be mounted firmly either on top of the monitor or on a tripod. The Rovtop webcams offer peace of mind by being compatible with all major third-party communication platforms, and apps (such as Zoom, Microsoft Teams, GoToMeeting, Skype, etc.), making it ideal for remote work, education, and more.

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