Prisma Beta App for Android was announced yesterday and the developer confirmed that the invites will be sent soon for the users to test the app. But before the beta invites, the APK was leaked on the internet and thousands and thousands of peoples have installed the app and started uploading pictures for artwork.

Stops Working:

Due to the huge response from the leaked application, the company has stopped making artworks from the android app. Now when you try to upload a picture for artwork, it displays a message “Thank you for trying the beta. Please, wait for the official release.”

Prisma Beta App for Android Stops Working - Need to Wait till Official Releases

Due to this action, the android users are disappointed and there is no official information about the stable version release for Android. So, Now android users need to wait for the stable Official launch of the app. 🙁

Update : Prisma App for Android Now Officially Available on Play Store