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ProdNXT IMPULSE – Intelligent Power Strip Review

ProdNXT Technologies Private Limited is a start-up company from Kerala, India has developed an energy saver device to reduce 15-50% of electricity usage from your home/office devices used with computer and televisions. ProdNXT IMPULSE is the device developed by the company which in short an intelligent electrical power strip which helps to save energy.

We use many peripheral devices like home theatre, speakers, printers, scanners, monitors, amplifiers, etc., with our computer and televisions in home and office. But we forget to power off the peripheral devices when we shut down computer or television, which results in high consumption of power. Does turning off power strip save electricity? Think of a device which will power off all the peripheral devices connected to the computer or television, when you shut down the main device, that is your computer or television.  It saves a lot of power consumption and save on utility bills. Eager about the device?

ProdNXT IMPULSE is a device which is developed to achieve the same. Yes, this small smart electrical power strip is capable of acting smartly to power off the connected peripherals when the main device is shut down. Impulse is essentially a simple, energy-saving power strip device which can be used in conjunction with a computer or a USB-enabled TV or other devices. Impulse works best in an environment when there are peripheral devices which are used in tandem with the computer/television, where it acts as an intelligent control device which detects the state of the computer/television. When programmed, it then proceeds to act as a power control unit to cut off the power supply to the peripheral devices like printer, scanner, speaker, amplifiers, monitor etc., when the computer is in a passive state like shutdown, sleep, hibernate and wakes the peripheral devices when the computer is turned on.

I have been using the device along with my computer and its connected devices for a while now and here is my detailed review about the same.

Design and Features of ProdNXT IMPULSE:

ProdNXT IMPULSE is an intelligent power strip comes in a small, compact, light-weight design. The device has four AC universal power sockets with individual switches and indicators for each socket and it has the indicators for power, earth, switching and fuse. It has 4 USB ports in which 1 USB port can be used for data transfer and the rest 3 can be used for charging. A USB connector [usb type A or type b] is used to connect the device to USB enabled television or computer. A toggle switch for save/normal mode can be used to switch the modes of operation. Two mounts are present at the backside, so you can hang it on the wall. The power cable is 2 meters long.

Key Features of Impulse:

  • The company Guarantees 15-50% energy savings for peripheral devices used with computer/television.
  • The device Intelligently handles the connected devices.
  • One-year replacement warranty.
  • Protect devices from voltage surges.
  • Earthing protection and blown fuse indicators.
  • Can be used with a computer, or a USB-supported TV.
  • Hot plug facility.
  • Increase life span of peripheral devices.
  • Supports USB charging and USB data transfer.
  • Normal and Save modes of operation.
  • Individual switch and indicators for each socket.
  • Indicators for power and function modes.
  • Based on requirement the product can be customizable.

Usage and Review:

I have been using the device along with my computer and its connected devices for a while now and I really liked the device. Impulse helps me to save power many times. I have connected the device to my computer which is connected with many peripheral devices like printer, speakers, scanner and my monitors. I usually used to shut down and left my place, where I forget to power the main switch, so the rest of the devices are switched on for a long time and uses a lot of power.

After heard about the ProdNXT IMPULSE, I implemented it for my computer and connected the peripheral devices to the socket and now I follow the same procedure – I shut down my computer and left, but the IMPULSE power strip takes care of the other peripheral devices and it power off other devices after a few minutes of my computer shuts down, which helps to save more power consumption.

You can achieve this by using the device in save mode. If you don’t want to power of the peripheral devices then you can use the device in normal mode, which acts as a normal power strip.

The company states that 15-50% energy saving with the device. I have monitored my power consumption before and after implementing Impulse Power strip and I noticed a reduction in power consumption. The device will be helpful to many users who forget to power off the peripheral devices connected to their television or computer.

Don’t worry about the setup, the product comes with a detailed user manual and frequently asked questions, which helps you to setup the device with your television or computer. You can also find the user manual and FAQ documents on their official website.


Whats inside the Package?

Prodnxt Impulse comes in a compact and well-protected box package and the package contains the below.

  • IMPULSE device
  • Type A USB to USB Cable
  • Type B USB to Motherboard Power LED Cable
  • User Manual
  • Warranty Card
  • FAQ Guide

Price and Warranty:

The product is priced at Rs.1599 (Inclusive of all taxes) + Delivery charge and they deliver everywhere in India. Right now the product is offered at a discount for a limited period of Rs.1340 (Inclusive of all taxes) + Delivery charge. Grab yours here.

The product comes with a one-year replacement warranty.

Final Verdict:

ProdNXT IMPULSE is one of the accessories which is very useful for home and office use. For this price, this smart power strip is a must have accessory to save power. The company also offering customization on the device based on the user requirements. Do check out their official website for more information about the device.

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