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Rapoo K2600 Wireless Keyboard With Touchpad Review

Rapoo a leading brand in wireless peripherals has launched the K2600 Wireless Keyboard With Touchpad in India a few days back. Rapoo K2600 Wireless Keyboard With Touchpad comes in a slim, compact design and with a large touchpad on the right.

We have been testing the device for a while now and here is the detailed review.

Design and Package:

The Keyboard comes in a compact cardboard package. Inside the package, the keyboard is covered with a transparent plastic cover and below the keyboard, we have the Micro Receiver, Two AA Batteries and the quick start guide.

Coming to the design, the keyboard comes in the grey colour which is made of plastic and it has the rounded corners. The size of the keyboard is similar to the size of the normal keyboards with number pad. The weight of the keyboard is around 450 grams. It has 2.4 GHz wireless connection with up to 10m working range. There are no adjustments available to increase the height of the keyboard, but by default, the keyboard comes with a little design on the front.

The keyboard is built with Anti-oxidation sealed membrane – The sealed membrane ensures a longer keyboard lifetime. It prevents oxidizing of the inside circuit, which may cause defect keys.

Usage and Performance:

We have tested the device on both TV and PC, the keyboard works well and the wireless range is decent. The keyboard comes with a standard key along with some additional direct shortcuts keys and multimedia functions. The function keys are present at the top row and To perform the functions of the F-buttons, you have to press them in combination with Fn button. By default, they perform multimedia actions. The same goes for the Scroll, Pause/Insert, File Menu commands, Home, End, Page Up / Down buttons as well. Apart from the standard keys, we have direct shortcut keys on the top, which is used for various functions.

The first mouse button duplicates the left mouse button click. We also have buttons for Search, PC OFF, Lock, Settings, etc.,

On the right, we have the large touchpad which is 76 × 108 mm in size. The touchpad is very sensitive and we have the light mark to differentiate between left and right buttons. You can also enable/disable the touchpad by using the combination of Fn + Backspace buttons. The touchpad supports various gestures and actions when connected to a Windows operating system. For the other operating system, it supports few of the gesture options.

The Nano-transmitter operates in the 2.4 GHz wireless band at distances of up to 10 meters in line of sight of the device. The device connects immediately after the connection and does not require the installation of a driver.

Below the keyboard, we have the opening to insert the battery and the keyboard works with two AA batteries, which is included in the package itself. Near to the battery slot, we have the ON/OFF switch, to turn ON/OFF the keyboard when necessary. If you are not using the keyboard you can switch OFF the device.

Whats in the Box – Rapoo K2600:

Inside the box package, we have

  • Rapoo K2600 Wireless Keyboard With Touchpad
  • Quick Start Guide
  • Two AA Batteries
  • Wireless Transmitter/Micro Receiver

Price and Availability:

The K2600 Wireless Keyboard With Touchpad is available in India at Rs.2999. Do check out the official product page for more details.

Final Verdict:

Rapoo K2600 is a slim, simple and compact keyboard, designed to work with Smart TV as well as PC. The Wireless range is pretty decent to access your TV or PC from your sofa or bed and in a convenient way. The Keyboard is priced at Rs.3000 which is affordable and reasonable for the wireless keyboard with touchpad in-built. The only lag in this keyboard is that we can’t reprogramme keyboard shortcuts and gestures. Overall the Rapoo K2600 Wireless Keyboard With Touchpad is a decent device perfectly suitable for TV and PC.

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