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How to Recover Lost Data From Android Internal Memory

Nowadays, people usually save most of their files on their Android smartphones. Their mobile phones now also serve as their hard drive or portable PC. This is why even smartphones store important and even private data. Since we always have our phones with us, we use them to store photos, videos, audio recordings, and even various personal and work-related notes.

Nonetheless, if the said files are lost, it can be a great problem. Keep in mind that you will not only lose files but also your call history, messages, and precious photos. There are various reasons why you can lose these files.

For instance, you may have deleted the files accidentally. Alternatively, you may lose all the files because you formatted your smartphone without knowing about the consequence. Lastly, mistakes in data partitioning can also contribute to the problem.

The question is, if you lost data, how can you recover it from Android internal memory? It is not advisable to solve the issue yourself. Sometimes, concerned smartphone owners will resort to checking out advice online and try to tinker with their phone without due consideration of safety. As a result, they even lose vital data permanently.

If you want to recover important files from your Android gadget’s internal memory, you can just use the innovative Androidphonesoft. It is hailed as the world’s first data recovery for tablets and smartphones running on an Android operating system.

To learn more about the software, here are more facts about it:

What Types of Data Loss to be Recovered?

There are numerous scenarios that lead to losing important data in your Android device. With the help of the dr.fone toolkit, you can still recover your files. Apart from the common reasons that lead to data loss, such as those mentioned above, you may also rely on the software to bring back your important files that were lost or deleted due to the following:

  • Forgotten or lost password
  • Factory restore
  • ROM flashing or rooting
  • Not responding device
  • The incapability of backup synchronization

How Can You Use This Program to Retrieve Loss Data?

If you want to recover your files from your Android device’s internal memory, simply follow the steps below:

  1. Install the software on your computer. After obtaining the software, you simply have to install and run the program. 
  1. Connect your Android device. Once the software is launched, you can already connect your device. Ensure that upon connecting your smartphone or tablet using a USB cable, the USB debugging function is enabled.

Normally, if your Android OS version is 4.2.2 or above, there will be a pop-up message that will allow you to select the USB debugging function. Afterwards, you simply need to select Data Recovery toolkit. 

  1. Select data types. Once you have selected the Data Recovery feature, you will see all the data types that can be recovered by the software. You can simply select the ones you prefer to recover. Otherwise, you can leave it in default where all the listed file types will be supported. Lastly, you just need to proceed to the data recovery process by clicking Next.
  2. Scan files. You have the Standard and Advanced Mode options to scan for lost data in your device. For faster scanning, you should select Standard Mode. If you have not seen the files that you are trying to retrieve, then select Advanced Mode. Simply select Start whenever you want to start scanning and analyzing your device. Normally, this step takes a few minutes.
  3. Allow Superuser authorization. During the scanning process, there is a Superuser prompt that may appear. In case you receive this prompt, you can continue by clicking Allow. Otherwise, skip it.
  4. Review files and select which ones to recover. Once the scanning is done, you can check out the data individually. Check the ones you want to recover and save it on your computer.

Thanks to the user-friendly dr.fone toolkit for Android data recovery, you will definitely have no issues with recovering your lost files anymore. Whatever the circumstances may be, the software will always come to the rescue.

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