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Reos Smart Lite by Cube26 – Review

Cube26 is an Indian company launched its first smart bulb last year. After the success of their launch last year, the company has come up with new products this year, but this time with a new brand name called Reos. The company has launched its new version of IOTA smart bulb last month and named it as Reos Smart Lite.

Internet of Things [IoT] is significantly growing worldwide. Many of the Indian startups are also started working on many consumer IOTA devices. Among the other smart IoT devices, Smart Lights are one of the latest trendy device coming at an affordable price for consumers. Yes, You can control lights with smartphone. With the affordable price, every consumer can experience the IoT in their home. Adding to the list of affordable smart devices, Cube 26 launched its newer version of smart lite at a budget price in India.

I have been using it in my home now for the last few days and here is the detailed review about the Reos Smart Lite.

Reos Smart Lite Review:


The Smart bulb is designed in a trendy way. The dimension of the product is 80 x 110 mm. By default, the bulb has an E27 base, but no worries you can use the B22 converter to use it on your existing home or office holders.

This bulb is 13W and it has the brightness level of 1100 Lumens. Now you can ask what are lumens in light bulbs? With the recent lights designed to use less energy/power, wattage is no longer a reliable way to gauge a light bulb’s brightness. Lumens measures the brightness of the light. A standard 60-watt incandescent bulb, may produces about 800 lumens of light[approxiametly].

The connectivity is through Bluetooth and it works up to 15 meters. You can connect up to 7 bulbs at a time. The light can produce 16 Million Color pattern.


Key Features of Reos Smart Lite:

  • Music Sync – You can now sync your Reos smart lite with your favorite music using Reos Music App. The light color changes according to the song’s rhythm.
  • Modes – The app has multiple modes. You can use the predefined modes or also you can create your custom modes using 16 million colors and amazing colors transitions in the app.
  • Weather Alerts – You can set weather alerts for your location. The light will notify you about the weather.
  • Instant Alerts – You can also set alerts for calls, SMS, WhatsApp and many other apps.
  • Voice Commands – The app has voice command feature, which allows you to change the color of the light using your voice.
  • Less Energy– The light is designed to consume less energy.

How To Setup and Use Reos Smart Lite:

Reos smart lite comes with E27 base, but in India B22 holders are commonly used. Keeping this in mind, the company ships the smart light along with E277 to B22 converter. Just connect the bulb to the converter and get ready to follow the below steps.

1. Connect the Reos Lite to the Power holder anywhere at your home using the converter and turn on the switch.

2. Now turn on Bluetooth and then open the Reos Lite App on your device. [If you open the app directly it prompts to turn on Bluetooth, so turn on bluetooth]

3. Once the app is open, tap on the menu button on the left top corner and then tap on search Reos Lite. The app will take few seconds to find your light.

4. Once the search is completed, now the lite will be displayed, just tap on the light to sync it with your phone.

5. That’s it, now you can take full control of the light.



Technical Specifications:

Power Requirement – 230 V
Power Input – 100~240VAC 50/60Hz
Power Consumption – 13 W
Connectivity – BLE (Bluetooth 4.0 Low Energy)
Frequency – 2.379GHz~2.496GHz,normally 2.4GHz
Patterns – 16 Million Colors, Cool & Warm White
Light Type – LED
Weight – 116 gm
Lifespan – 15000 Hours

Reos Lite App for Android and iOS:

Android : The Reos Lite app will work on devices running Android version 4.3 or later.
iOS : The Reos Lite app for iOS will work on devices running iOS 8 or later.

Download the Reos Lite App for Android and iOS.

Download the Reos Music App for Android.

Price & Warranty:

The Reos Smart Lite is priced at Rs.1699 in India and it comes with 1 Year product warranty.


You can it from Flipkart.

Box Contents:

Smart Bulb, User Manual, A Separate Box Containing the Converter

Final Verdict:

Reos Smart Lite is one of the best affordable smart IoT device available currently in the market. If you want to start with a smart device for your home and also want to play with colors, then go ahead and get started with this smart light. The Reos Smart Lite has some cool features like music sync, scheduler, timer, alerts for calls, messages, connects up to 7 bulbs and much more. In my review, the bulb has performed really well up to the expectations.

Go ahead, try and share your views about the smart light. If you are already using this device, share your experience via comments.

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