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Rii i25A Mini Wireless Air Mouse Keyboard Combo Review

Wireless Mouse and Keyboard are the best companions for everyone in recent times. Even though wireless, still we are carrying a standard keyboard and mouse in most of the time which is hard carry everywhere. Imagine a keyboard and mouse which looks similar to a TV remote in size and has a lot of functions to control your media and PC right from your bed and sofa. Yes, Rii i25A Mini Wireless Air Mouse Keyboard Combo is the device which does these functions. The device is compatible with Android, Windows and Linux platforms and it can be worked with smartphones, tablets, PC, smart TV, Android tv box, google tv box, Xbox 360, ps3, etc.,

Rii Mini i25A

This is a product from Riitek Technology. We have already reviewed the Rii K16 Mini Keyboard from them. I have been using this Wireless Air Mouse on daily basis for quite some time and here is the detailed review.


As I said, the Rii i25A Mini Wireless Air Mouse Keyboard Combo looks similar to your normal TV and the device is built with a plastic housing. The device looks solid and decent in terms of the build quality. The size of the Air mouse is 170 x 49 x 16 mm which is not more than a TV remote. It comes in a compact package with the necessary accessories. Rii i25A Mini is filled with keys on both sides to give full control over the device your controlling and to provide the maximum functionality of a standard keyboard and mouse. All the keys are in soft rubber and the d-pad navigation keys are in plastic.

On the front, we have 24 keys which give you the basic navigation and multimedia controls. On the top, we have LED notification light and also we have a Mic on the below which is just below the Rii branding.

We have the Power ON/OFF switch and the charging port on the left side. On the right side, we have the 3.5 mm audio jack.

45 keys QWERTY keyboard is available on the backside.

Box Contents:

Rii i25A Mini package contains all the necessary accessories in it. Inside the box we have

  • Rii Mini with Nano USB Receiver
  • Y- Cable with micro USB charging and USB type A plug
  • User Manual
  • Thanks-Card from Rii

Technical Specifications of Rii i25A Mini Wireless Air Mouse Keyboard Combo:

Size: 170 x 49 x 16 mm
Receiver (dongle): Nano style
Connection Port: Compatible with USB 2.0 and above
RF mode: 2.4GHz GFSK
Weight: 109 grams
Power supply: Built-in Rechargeable 450 mAh polymer lithium-ion battery
Charging Voltage: 4.4 V ~ 5.25 V
Operation voltage: 3.7V
Operating Current: 22mA
Transmission Distance: Up to 10 meters

Usage and Performance:

Rii i25A Mini easily connects with the device, all you have to plug the nano USB receiver to the destination device and then power on the Air mouse to start using it. IR programming can be done with your existing tv remote, you can follow the steps in the manual to achieve the same. The process is simple and doesn’t take more than 1 minute.

I have been using this device on the daily basis for quite some time and I really liked it. The best part is the size which is handy and allows me to do my works right from my bed. Most of the time, I used this Air mouse with my PC while watching the movies and also I mail from it. It works well and has the direct multimedia buttons to take the control. The QWERTY keyboard has functional buttons and also the CTRL+ALT+DEL key combination as well.

There is a physical power button on the device, which can be used to turn ON/OFF the device. If you don’t want to use physical button every time, you can use the lock button to lock the device from working and resume by pressing the same button when needed. The wireless range is decent and works well up to 10 meters as specified in the device. The indicator light will show whether the device is connected or not, IR range and also the charging notification. With this mouse keyboard combo, you can do most of your desired works like media controls, emails, browsing, playing few games.

Also one of the smart features I have noticed is the air mouse cursor will disappear if you flip the device to type emails and the vice versa, which is brilliant. The device has the built-in battery which can be recharged via the standard USB ports/chargers along with the provided cable. The device battery performance is decent and it is programmed to save battery with the auto-sleep functionality. The air mouse will go to auto sleep mode if no key is pressed for 3 minutes and you can wake up the device by pressing any key. If you want to save more battery, then use the physical power on/off button to turn off the device when not in use. Keep the nano receiver plugged to your device for easy access and use the air mouse power button every time.

Overall this device is one of the flawless execution from the company.


  • Compact Size, Similar to a Normal TV remote
  • Multiple operating system support
  • QWERTY keyboard with functional keys
  • Air Mouse is accurate
  • Decent Wireless Range
  • Audio Output and Mic
  • Lock Button to pause the device even it is powered ON
  • Auto Sleep Mode


  • Nothing has been noticed by Me.

Final Verdict:

If you want a handy device to control your PC or any other device, then Rii i25A Mini Wireless Air Mouse Keyboard Combo is one of the best gadgets to look on. This wireless keyboard and mouse price is $42.99. Do check the official website for more information on buying.

Do post your doubts and views about the device in the below comment section.

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