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Rii K16 Mini Keyboard Pictures

Rii K16 Mini Keyboard is a multimedia Wireless Keyboard with a touchpad from Riitek Technology. The keyboard connects through Bluetooth as well as WiFi. You can connect the device with your smartphone, PC, Smart TV, etc., The device connects with all the devices and helpful to type and access contents even from a long distance up to 10 meters. The device is compact and easy to hold. The keyboard comes with backlit keys, which is very useful during night times. You can pair multiple devices and can switch between them using the direct keys. The device comes with a rechargeable Lithium-Ion battery.

This is one of the best gadgets which I bought in recent times. It makes my work simple and I’m able to work on multiple devices from the same place.

I have been using the device and here is the picture round of the device.

Check out the detailed review of the device here.

Rii K16 Mini Keyboard Pictures:

Rii K16 Mini Keyboard

Front View


Battery Indicator

Charging Port and Power On/Off Switch

Back Side

Inside the Leather Case

Fits in Hand

Box Contents

Box Contents


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