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Rii K16 Mini Keyboard Review

Rii K16 Mini Keyboard is a dual mode wireless multimedia keyboard from Riitek Technology. The keyboard is designed to provide complete input and control for smart TV, TV Box, tablets, smartphones, computers, etc., The keyboard comes with a touchpad and 94 keys which offer direct multimedia controls as well. The connectivity is made via Bluetooth as well as wifi and also it supports multi-pairing function where you can connect multiple devices and can switch between them using the direct keys.

I have been using the keyboard on daily basis for quite some time and here is the detailed review about the Rii K16 Mini MultiMedia Keyboard. I have already posted a picture roundup of the keyboard, do check it here.


The built quality of the Rii Mini keyboard was extremely nice and it comes with the aluminum alloy body. The keyboard is slim and easy to hold. The size of the keyboard is 242 x 165 x 12 mm, which is similar to the 10-inch tablets. The keyboard comes with a touchpad which is located at the top and the sides and bottom are filled with keys. With 94 keys, the Rii K16 Mini gives full control for multimedia. The 94 keys include the standard keys, wifi mode, home, backlit, navigation keys, and direct multimedia keys like play/pause, volume controls, previous, next, mute.

Front View

Back Side


On the right side of the device, you have the power on/off switch and the micro USB charging port.

Charging Port and Power On/Off Switch

The keyboard comes with a backlit option, so you can switch the backlit for keys when needed using the direct button.


The LED indicators available in this device, makes easy to switch between devices and know the status of the connectivity. There are 3 Bluetooth indicators which show the Bluetooth channel currently in use. In addition, we have 2.4 G mode indicator, Rii logo indicator, CAPS lock indicator, Charging indicator.

The overall design quality was extremely good.

Technical Specifications of Rii K16 Mini Keyboard:

Size: 242 x 165 x 12 mm / 9.52 x 6.49 x 0.47 inches
Weight: 400 grams
Stand by time: 500 – 700 Hour approximately
RF mode: 2.4 G and Bluetooth 3.0
Transmission power: +5 dBm
Operating voltage: 3.3 V
Working current: < 27 mA
Charging voltage: 4.2V – 5.05 V
Charging current: < 300mA
Sleep mode current: < 130uA
Operation distance: 10 M
Battery: Rechargeable 850 mAh polymer lithium-ion battery
Keys and touchpad: 94 keys and touchpad

Package :

The package comes in a compact, well-protected box. Inside the box we have the Rii K16 Mini Keyboard, Leather Case, Wireless USB Receiver, Charging Cable, User Manual, FAQ & Quick Guide. The leather case is good in quality and it helps to carry the keyboard to other places in a well-protected way.

Box Contents

Connectivity Options:

Rii K16 Mini Keyboard is a dual mode wireless multimedia keyboard. The device has both WiFi[2.4G mode] and Bluetooth connectivity options. It supports multi-pairing function. To use the WiFi mode, you have to connect the USB receiver on the device in which you want to use the keyboard. You can pair to multiple devices and easily switch between the devices using the direct buttons.

My Usage and Performance:

I have been using this device on the daily basis for quite some time and I really liked it. It helped me to control my devices from a single place. You can connect to 3 Bluetooth devices and 1 device through Wi-Fi. You can switch between the devices easily using the direct keys. You can use any one device at a time. The first Bluetooth key is to connect with MaC OS/iOS, the second Bluetooth key is to connect with Android devices and the third Bluetooth key is to connect with windows devices. To connect with the device using the WiFi, you have to use the WiFi mode button. Once the devices are paired, then you can switch between the devices with the switching buttons. There is no manual pairing required each time.

I have tested by connecting to my Android phone using Bluetooth and the windows PC using the USB receiver[WiFi mode]. I can able to switch between the devices using the direct modes and the response is fast. The Bluetooth range is normal as the default Bluetooth connectivity where as the USB receiver[wifi mode] is estimated as 10 meters and I have tested it up to 5 to 6 meters without any issues. I have faced few lag when extended beyond 6 meters. If there are no obstacles between the USB receiver and the keyboard it works for few more distance.

The multimedia buttons help a lot when using the multimedia contents on TV and also on computers.

The backlit feature is one of the best feature, which allows you to manage your devices when in night times without switch your room lights on. The keys near the touchpad are not backlit where as the rest of the keys comes with backlit which is not a major drawback.

The touchpad is located at the top of the device, hence we can’t accidentally touch them while typing. The design team worked well with the concept. The touchpad works well and it has the multi-finger feature, where a single finger clicks as left mouse function, two-finger click as the right mouse function and the double finger drag as the rolling screen.

The battery life is good and it lasts for 5 to 6 days on a normal usage. It depends more on your usage. The sleep mode function makes the battery stands for a long time. If there is no activity for 3 minutes then it will go to sleep mode, to save battery. When the device went to sleep mode, you have the power key near the touchpad to turn it on. You don’t have to use the physical power button every time.

I haven’t faced any connectivity issue while using the device. The leather case is useful to carry the device while traveling.


  • Build Quality
  • Compact Size
  • You can connect up to 4 devices
  • Touchpad
  • Multimedia and navigation keys
  • Sleep Mode
  • Backlit
  • Better Battery life
  • Easy switching between devices
  • LED Indicators
  • Bundled with Leather Case


  • Multimedia and navigation keys are not backlit
  • WiFi Range is limited

Final Verdict:

Rii K16 Mini keyboard is one of the best Mini keyboards with built-in touchpad. You can connect up to 4 devices and switch between them easily with the direct keys and hence you can able to control 4 devices from a single place each at a time. You can carry this device while you travel, it easily fits in your bag due to its slimness and you can protect it with the leather case comes with the package. The device is priced at $99 and you can buy it from Amazon. Do checkout the product on its official website here.

Do share your views and experience about the device via comments.

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