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Run Windows 95 in Browser Tab

Younger generation doesn’t have any chance to experience the look and feel of Windows 95 operating system which was released by Microsoft in the year 1995. Recently we heard that developers made Windows 95 running in smart watches and some handheld devices. But everyone can’t buy smart watch or any devices. So a developer from Scotland made the operating system available to everyone.

Windows 95 OS in Browser Tab

Do you want to experience the past version of Microsoft OS in your browser? Almost 20 years went since the launch of Windows 95 and it is now possible to experience the same Windows 95 Operating System functionality in your browser without any addons or plugins.

Windows 95 is Still Alive

A 19-year-old young programmer has made it possible. Yes, Andrea Faulds from Scotland has managed to get the Windows 95 operating system to run completely on browser. He used an emulator called emscripten, which converts C++ code to JavaScript at run time.

So no more waiting, just load the below URL in your browser tab and that’s it. It will load Windows 95 in browser tab. Start experience the 20-year-old operating system and learn how technology has improved over the years.

Windows 95 WebPage

Internet Explorer is crashing sometimes while loading the web page. Try some other browsers and share your experience about Windows 95.

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