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Samsung’s Three Key Initiatives for Galaxy S9/S9+ Users in India

Samsung is rolling out three key initiatives for Galaxy S9/S9+ users in India as part of its continued efforts to drive innovation and give consumers the best that Samsung can offer. As per the announcement, Samsung is rolling out Dual VoLTE feature, One-time screen replacement offer and 18 New AR Emoji Stickers for Galaxy S9/S9+ users.

Samsung Galaxy S9 And S9 Plus

Dual VoLTE feature:

Samsung Galaxy S9/S9+ users can now download this feature through over the air (OTA) update. Till now, a dual SIM customer could use VoLTE on only one of the two available SIMs and also had to stay on the same network for data as was chosen for VoLTE (voice). With Dual VoLTE, Galaxy S9/S9+ customers can choose to be connected to two VoLTE networks simultaneously and can further choose the data network that most suits their needs.

One-time screen replacement offer:

Galaxy S9/S9+ users can opt for one-time screen replacement offer from an authorized Samsung service centre for a period of 9 months by paying just Rs.1999. This offer is valid for a period of June 1-30.

18 New AR Emoji Stickers:

AR Emojis allow Galaxy S9 and S9+ users to inject emotion into messages in a way that words simply can’t. Now, Samsung has made it even easier for users to express their inner selves by doubling the number of animated stickers that are automatically generated whenever an AR Emoji is created. The smartphones’ camera app update, now available in the ‘My apps’ section of the Galaxy Apps store, has expanded AR Emoji’s library of pre-set expressions from 18 to 36.

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