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How to Save and Reuse WhatsApp Status Pictures and Videos

WhatsApp Status is been popular nowadays, where the users can share text, pictures, videos in the status with their friends and family. The status messages will be disappeared from others after 24 hours from the time you have published it. Many of our friends will share some of the interesting videos or pictures which you might want to save for later use. In that case, how to save the WhatsApp status messages?

WhatsApp is not providing any direct option to save the status messages. But, there is a way to save the WhatsApp status messages without any additional applications or software. There is a simple way to achieve the same. Please find the detailed step by step guide below to save and reuse WhatsApp status pictures and videos.

How to Save and Reuse WhatsApp Status Pictures and Videos:

Step 1: First view the Status Pictures and Videos of your friends and family in your WhatsApp account.

Step 2: Now, open the file manager application on your android smartphone. You can install any third party file manager as well. For example Solid File Manager, ES File Explorer, etc.,

Step 3: Open the file manager application and enable Show Hidden Files and Folders option.

Step 4: Now in the internal memory of the phone, you will have the folder called WhatsApp.

Navigate to the directory Internal Memory/WhatsApp/Media/.Statuses

Please note that this folder will not be visible if you haven’t enabled the Show hidden files and folders option.

Step 5: Inside the .Statuses folder, you can able to find the pictures and videos shared by your friends in the WhatsApp Status. Images will be available in .jpg format and videos will be available in .mp4 format.

You can copy the pictures or videos and save it to your personal folders or you can reuse if needed in your own WhatsApp Status.

The pictures and videos available in this folder will be available for only 24 hours, which means the pictures or videos will be not available after the particular Status expiry.

Hope you like this guide.

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