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How To Set Free Caller Tunes in Jio

Jio being the top mobile network in India in terms of highest subscribers in a short span of time, it also offers many services. You may all know that Jio is offering unlimited calls and data at a reasonable price with longer validity.

In addition to this, Jio also provides free caller tunes to its customers, but many were unaware about this. In this post, I have provided an easy and step by step guide to activate caller tunes on your Jio number.

How To Set Free Caller Tunes in Jio:

Step 1: Install the Jio Music App from Play Store or App Store.

Step 2: Sign in with your Jio number usually, it will login automatically, if not login with your Jio app credentials.

Step 3: Search for the Song you want to set it as a caller tune.

Step 4: Open the Song and there you will see the Song details and also a button to Set as JioTune. Just tap on the button, it will ask for a confirmation, again tap on the Set as JioTune button. Within few seconds, you will receive a notification as well as an SMS confirming that the song has been activated as your JioTune.

Note: For now JioTune is free for all the Jio users. I have tested on all Jio Prepaid numbers. Postpaid users, I’m not sure about the charges, hence I would suggest checking with customer care once, before activating the JioTune.

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