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How To Setup Boxight VR Kit v1.2 [Indian Version of Google Cardboard]

Many of you may already aware of Google Cardboard. But let me start with a start intro about Cardboard, so that the users you are all not aware can understand about it.

What is Google Cardboard?

Google Cardboard is a concept which makes Virtual reality on your smart phone. Using your smart phone, special lenses, magnet and cardboard you can make your own VR device.

I have already posted about Google Cardboard, a Virtual Reality on your Smart Phone on this blog sometime ago during its launch. Check out the post to know more about it.

Boxight VR Kit v1.2 :

Boxight is an Indian company which makes an VR kit on the idea based on Google Cardboard. The product is completely manufactured in India and it costs very low. I have ordered this VR kit 10 days and today i got this received at my home. As of now they are shipping its latest version of cardboard design called v1.2. So i thought of doing a Setup Video to help the users, to get started with Boxight VR Kit 1.2. The setup process is very simple, you need to just adjust the cardboard and fix it on the right locations. It will not take more than 3 minutes to set up.

Checkout the Video Demonstration on How to Steup Boxight VR Kit v1.2 :

[youtube width=”602″ height=”350″ video_id=”F0J4K_sFslM”]

Is this How My VR kit looks after Assembling :


How to Order Boxight VR Kit ?

You can order the Boxight VR Kit from their official website. Just Sign Up and make an order.

How Much it Cost ?

It costs only Rs.288 [Indian Rupee] for v1.2.


It takes nearly 10 days for my order to reach my home. Boxight will mail you when it will be shipped.

Contents in the Box ?

You will get cardboard design with modeled lens and magnet. You just need to assemble and that’s it.

Apps :

Plenty of free and paid apps available in play store especially for Cardboard, Install and experience VR with your smart phone.

Comment your experience on CardBoard…

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