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Seute Teck Pro – A Compact, Multipurpose Tech and Travel Backpack

Looking for a backpack to save your costly gadgets and documents from rain? Are you looking for a best, compact, affordable tech/travel backpack with multipurpose features for your daily usage? Are you looking for a backpack which is suitable for both work and travel? Here is the Seute Teck Pro Backpack, which is the answer to all the above questions.

Seute is an Indian company based in Pune. This startup was Incorporated in 2017 and their goal is to create robust, ergonomic and high-quality accessories and bags. The company has already launched Bruxmann, Teck, Verdiater backpacks. The company ensures to improve the features and the quality of their products in each of their next launches. In the row, the company has launched the Seute Teck Pro as an upgrade from Teck model.

Seute Teck Pro Review:

Seute Teck Pro is a backpack which is suitable for many occasions like work, carrying gadgets, blogging and short trips. In simple, this backpack is one of the best backpacks to carry our daily needs. This backpack has a lot of well-organized compartments to carry our gadgets and a lot of space for holding the other items, it has a USB charging port, extra rain cover which makes double layer rain protection and the backpack is made of Frosted nylon fabric lining.


The Seute Teck Pro is made of a Frosted nylon fabric lining [210D Nylon lining]. The company has released the Teck Pro backpack in two different colours, Carbon Black and Grey. The overall design of the bag looks professional, compact, and suitable for daily use, work and a short trips. The zippers on all areas on strong, high quality and durable. The net weight of the backpack is less than 1 kg [0.85 kg], hence it is easy to carry. The bag is capable of carrying up to 15 Kgs of weight.

Seute Teck Pro Gallery:

Key Features of Seute Teck Pro:

  • USB External Port for easy charging
  • 180 Degree opening
  • Rain Cover
  • Foldable Bottle Pocket
  • Laptop fits up to 15.6 Inch
  • 1 Quick access zippered pocket for small accessories
  • Shockproof airbag design for the safety of the laptop
  • Dedicated key holder
  • Road safety reflectors

Elegant Features of Seute Teck Pro:

1. Key Holder: Now don’t wander anywhere for your keys as they have a dedicated place to be found easily.
2. 180 Degree Opening: Smart design of main compartment open half way for quick access or full 180 degrees opening for easy loading of Laptop, Accessories & one-day travelling clothes.
3. Road Safety Reflectors: Visible intelligence, Be reflective, Just because there are street lights, that doesn’t mean the driver can see you.

Specifications of Seute Teck Pro:

Material: Frosted nylon fabricLining: 210D
Nylon lining Lining: 210D Nylon lining
Net Weight: 0.850 gms
Bag size: 47 X 32 X 21 Cms
Weight bearing capacity: 15Kg
Colour: Grey and Carbon Black

Compartments and Pockets:

The main compartment has a 180-degree opening and it has the pockets for Laptop up to 15.6 inches on one side and compartments for Tablet, smartphones, Wires, power banks and more on the other side. Also, there is an extra space which can be used to carry some extra items like books, dresses, camera or any other items which are needed for travel.

On the left side, we have the USB extension port. On the right side, we have the Foldable Bottle Pocket, which can be kept inside when not in use. There is a secondary compartment on the front, where we have the space to carry extra items and also the connection for the power bank, where you can keep the power bank connected. On the shoulder strap, we have a small pocket with zipping to carry money or tickets while travelling and we have the Holder for Sunglass. In addition to all, we have an extra Rain Cover, which acts as a double layer of rain protection for the bag.

My Usage and experience with the Seute Teck Pro Backpack:

The backpack is capable of water repellent. I have tested pouring some amount of water on the backpack and it repels as well as resist the gadgets and the items inside the body, but make sure the zippers are closed properly till the end. After using this bag, a few times I was caught in the rain and the water repellent and the additional rain cover protected my gadgets and other documents. But, make sure to double safety your costly gadgets in the heavy rain.

Also, the laptop fits perfectly in the compartment and the bag was designed with the safety of the gadgets, Up to 15.6-inch Laptops are carriable in the compartment. The external USB port is the nice feature where I can place my power bank inside the bag and charge my smartphone while on the go and while I’m using, instead of carrying a huge power bank in hands or keeping the mobile inside the bag. The shoulder strap is good and there is no pain even after holding for many hours.

The Foldable Bottle Pocket, which can be used to carry water bottles. When not in use you can fold and keep inside the zipper on the side.

Please find the list items I carry often in this backpack.

  • Laptop and its Charger
  • iPad 9.7 inch 2018 Tablet
  • Power Bank
  • External Harddisk
  • Action Camera
  • Pen
  • Room and Bike keys
  • Primary and secondary Mobiles
  • A book which I’m currently reading
  • A single set of dress
  • Water Bottle
  • Cables and Connectors
  • Business Cards
  • Bluetooth Headset
  • Earphone

The bag is capable of carrying all the above items at the same time, which is easy for many of us to carry all the needs for short trips. Being a blogger, this bag is very helpful to carry all the gadgets and the required items during roaming and while travelling for the product launches and other occasions.

Price & Warranty:

The Seute Teck Pro Backpack is priced at Rs.2350 and you can get an additional discount of Rs.100 by using this code SEU100. [The coupon code is valid for a limited time. This promo code is applicable on the official site only]

The Backpack carries a 10 days replacement option and 6 months warranty.

Where To Buy:

You can buy the Seute Teck Pro Backpack on their official website and other various platforms.

Here is the buy link from Seute Website.

You can also buy the additional Rain & Dust Shield for Verdiater, Teckpro & Bruxmann backpacks for the price of Rs.249. Here is the buy link, please do check out.

Final Verdict:

Seute Teck Pro is one of the best, affordable, compact backpacks which is suitable for daily use, short trips and work. The backpack looks very professional while wearing. This backpack is my daily driver for the last 1 month and I really liked it. The backpack is suitable for carrying my gadgets on a daily purpose and also it is compact for short trips where we can carry a dress, gadgets in the same bag. The water repellent feature saves the gadgets and other items from the water. Also, the additional rain cover acts as a double layer protection save our items in the bag. The pricing is decent and for the price, the backpack is really worth every penny spent.

Please feel free to ask any doubts about the backpack. If you are using the backpack, do comment about the same.

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