URL Shorteners are commonly used, instead for using large hyperlinks. As the name indicates, the URL will be very short in length. Many short URL shorteners are available in the web. Most popular URL shorten service providers are Goo.gl, Bit.ly. We usually use this method while working on systems and laptops. Nowadays smartphones comes with full functionality and most of us browse through smartphones while on the go. While seeing the interesting stuff, we want to share the link to our friends through whatsapp, messages, etc., At the time if the URL is too long, there is possibility of getting broken links. So how it is If we have URL Shortener for Android.

Solution to the above is here. Download and Install “ShortPaste” in your android phone. The app is available for free of cost. All you need is your phone must have Android 4.0 or later versions. The size of the app is just only 1.3 MB. The app has inbuilt URL shorten service providers Goo.gl, Bit.ly. By default the URL will be shortened using goo.gl, if you have API key with bit.ly, you can integrate them.

The main feature of this app, you no need to copy and go to this app everytime to shorten the URL. If you copy any URL and paste it any other apps, between that time the app will automatically shorten the URL. You can also turn off shortpaste, trim the http:// prefix while pasting the URL and choose whether to start on boot or not. All can be seen in “Settings” Page. You can also view the list of shorten URL’s you can used in the “Archive” Page.

Download the App from PlayStore 

ShortPaste - URL Shortener for Android (1) ShortPaste - URL Shortener for Android (2)

If you not aware of the URL shortener before just see the below example.
Eg :
Original URL:
Shorten URL: