Google has launched its software removal tool to remove the softwares causing the chrome to behave irregularly and it resets the browser settings. Google has released the beta version of the software removal tool, based on the user experiences the stable version will be launched soon. Currently this software is available for windows users only. The Software Removal Tool scans all the programs known to cause problems with Chrome and after the analysis it will prompt us with the list of affecting applications, then if you wish you can remove the affected applications.

How To Download and Use this Tool :

1. Download the software from Google Chrome website.
2. Once the download completed, just run the application and it starts scanning for the programs causing problems with chrome. Scanning will not take more than a minute.

Download and How To Use Software Removal Tool from Google (2)
3. After the scan, if any softwares affecting chrome then it will prompt you to remove the software. You can remove by clicking “Remove suspicious programs” and once completed click “Continue”. Sometimes your system will reboot depending upon the software.

Download and How To Use Software Removal Tool from Google (1)
4. Now the chrome will be reopen and prompt to make the chrome settings to default. Click “Reset”.
5. Chrome will now behave without any misbehavior now.


Size : 4.4 MB

Note : The software removal tool will not list the name of the affecting softwares.