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How To Start Google Chrome Browser in Incognito Mode by Default

Private Browsing is a tool embedded in all the browsers to protect our privacy. Browsing through private mode will be more useful while you are browsing in friends computer, internet cafe, schools, colleges, etc., Though private browsing mode will not provide you with the complete privacy, but it has the ability to prevent your browsing history, cookies, searches and other private information you have entered between browsing sessions. If you need even an higher protection you can check out Anonymster official page.

Every browser as this option, but to get into that mode, you have opened the browser and then open a new incognito tab. If you prefer to browse in private mode always, then here is the guide to start Google Chrome browser in Incognito Mode [Private Browsing is called as Incognito Mode in Google Chrome].

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How To Open Google Chrome Browser in Incognito Mode by Default:

Step 1: Navigate to the Chrome Shortcut icon, which you use to open the browser. It may be in any location like the desktop shortcut or programs menu or taskbar icon.

Step 2: After locating the shortcut, Right-click on the Google Chrome and Choose Properties.

Step 3: Now a pop-up will open [make sure you are on the shortcut tab]. Now in the Target box, you will have the location of the Google Chrome application where it is installed.

Eg: “C:Program Files (x86)GoogleChromeApplicationchrome.exe”

Step 4: Now add -incognito to the end of the text.

Eg: “C:Program Files (x86)GoogleChromeApplicationchrome.exe” -incognito

Step 5: Click OK and that’s it.

Now whenever you open Google Chrome browser, it will start in Incognito Mode by Default.

In case if you want to revert back to normal, then follow the same steps and just remove the -incognito in the Target Box. Hope the tutorial is useful.

I will be sharing the same guide for other browsers soon. Stay tuned.

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