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How To Take Screenshots on Asus Zenfone Max

Recently I had posted a review about Asus Zenfone Max. I have been using the mobile for few days and found few options for screenshots. Like all android mobile, you can take screenshots on Asus Zenfone Max mobile, but in addition, this phone has few extra options, hence I have decided to make this post. You can take screenshots in two ways and also you can change the format of the screenshots saved.

How To Take Screenshot on Asus Zenfone Max

How To Take ScreenShots:

Method 1: By default, you can take screenshots by Press and hold Power key & Volume Down key for a second. The screenshot will be saved in your gallery.

Method 2: You can take a screenshot using the Menu button. To do so, You need to change an option. Go to Settings > Asus Customized Settings > Touch Key Menu > Tap on Recent apps key. From the options choose Tap and hold to capture screen. Now you can tap and hold the menu key for a second, then the screenshot will be captured and saved in the gallery.

How To Change the Screenshot File Format :

You can change the file format of the screenshots you capture on Asus Zenfone Max.

To do so, Go to Settings > Asus Customized Settings > Screenshot > Tap on Screenshot File Format. From the two options JPEG & PNG, you can set anything as per your wish as a default.


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