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Targus Car Power Inverter APV018AP – Review

No matter if you are a long or short traveller, on daily basis, we always use our car to commute to other places. During that time we will forget to charge the daily devices like mobiles, laptops, drones, power banks, Bluetooth speakers, etc., At this point, we may think of a device which will charge the devices from laptops to all other daily devices in the car itself. Yes, it is possible with a small device from Targus. Targus has launched an AC automotive 200W power car inverter [APV018AP] which helps you to charge all the devices in your car itself.

Targus Car Power Inverter APV018AP

Targus Car Power Inverter APV018AP – Review

The Targus Car Power Inverter AC Automotive 200W comes with USB fast charging port. The inverter has a Cup holder Style and it is designed for the mobile professional or recreational user. It provides a power source for most electrical devices in RVs, cars or boats. It is designed to conveniently fit into most standard cup holders in the cars. The device is weight less and easy to carry.

You can simply plug the inverter into the cigarette lighter plug and power or charge up to 2 devices including notebooks, mobile/smart phones, PDAs, video consoles and many others. It features one 230V ± 20V AC plug, one USB port (2.1A) port. The APV018AP power inverter can deliver 200W of continuous and up to 400W of peak power supply. The device features over-current, over-temperature and surge protection. The device has 2 led indicators which are helpful to know the status of the device. There is an ON/OFF switch provided to switch off and on when required. A fuse is also provided for safety purpose. The inverter is designed with base ventilator and the fans make air circulation, hence the chance of heating is very low.

The APV018AP is targeted for mobile professionals or recreational users looking for a power source that won’t take up a large amount of space. The inverter was designed mainly to power laptops and smartphones, but in additional you can also you this inverter to charge other devices which does not exceed the inverters output rating like Bluetooth speakers, gamepads, small vacuum cleaners, mini electric kettles, shavers, air purifiers, etc.,

My Usage and Views:

I have been using the device for quite sometime and i mainly use this device to charge my laptops, cameras and mobiles while travelling in my car. The inverter doesn’t fails to charge up these devices. Also rarely i used to charge my gaming consoles, Bluetooth speakers and more during my long trips. The device looks compact, weight less and fits in the cup holder of my car perfectly. The device heats up little bit when AC is not turned ON and when using AC, the heating is normal. The fan sound is little noisy. The power ON/OFF switch is helpful and you can turn it off when not in use. If you are a frequent traveller, then Targus Car Power Inverter APV018AP may help you to charge your daily gadgets.

The device is available for the price of Rs.2500 and you can buy it here.

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