Apple Inc. the technology giant’s next product is iOS7. After the successful launch of iphone 5 with iOS6. Apple planned and added more exciting features in his next version of iOS and its called as iOS 7.

iOS is a mobile operating system by Apple Inc. for its mobile/ipad/ipod products. At first in Apple Worldwide Developers Conference (WWDC) on 10th June 2013, iOS 7 Concept and keynote was unveiled by the Apple officials. They have also added and after the launch of iPhone and this version of iOS will be having a biggest changes in it. One of the most important is Apple redesigned and gives a fresh look in User Interface(UI). The UI itself looks great and colorful.

iOS 7 will be released in this September 2013 as per sources.

Added features in iOS 7 :

* Smarter Multitasking is now possible.
* Camera app also getting lot of updates which will allow swiping between 4 modes like video, photo, square photo and panoramic photo) and live photo filter previewing .
* Control Center which will be similar to Notification Center and you can avail this feature by scrolling up from the bottom of the screen.
* Live Wallpapers
* Siri Got updated
* Air Drop


Technical Details :

Developer : Apple Inc.

Source Model : Closed, with Open-Source Components

Kernel Type : Hybrid (XNU)

Supported Devices : iPhone 4 and later, iPad 2 and later, iPad mini and iPad Touch(5th Generation)

Official Website Link :

Check Out few Screenshots of iOS7 by Apple Inc.

Screen Shots:




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Hope you like Apple and its products. Lets wait for the iOS 7 release.