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Telegram 4.8.5 for Android and Telegram 4.8 for iOS Released

Telegram released an update to its app with new features like Sticker Search, Multiple Photos, and More. Yesterday, the company has officially announced the release of Telegram 4.8 for iOS, Telegram 4.8.5 for Android, Telegram 1.2.14 for Windows Desktop with a bunch of new features. The new update includes stickers search, discover new stickers, Auto-Night Mode and Connected Websites, Send Multiple Photos.

Telegram 4.8Telegram 4.8 for iOS and Telegram 4.8.5 Features:

Discovering New Stickers – Telegram has made the stickers easier to be available for the users, with this update – when you type an emoji, the app will suggest the stickers from your added sets first and then throw in some new ones from other popular sets.

Discover New Stickers Telegram 4.8Stickers Search – A search field is now available in the sticker panel, so you can quickly locate your sets or find new ones. The new version also allows taking multiple photos or videos before sending them all together.

Send Multiple Photos – You can now use the new + button when taking a photo to take and send multiple media one after another.

Auto-Night Mode and Connected Websites – iOS users get Auto-Night Mode, support for text formatting in media captions and more. These features are available for Android users since the previous release. Also, the update includes Optimized Battery usage.

Do update your Telegram app, discover you stickers, send multiple photos and explore more.

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