Few days before we have seen a tutorial on how to hide photos from display in Android gallery. Similar to this tip now we have a tip to Hide Photos on your iPhone/iPad. Lets see the steps.

Tips to Hide Photos on your iPhoneiPad and Vice Versa

Photo Credit : www.apple.com


How To Steps:

1. Open the photos on your iPhone (or iPad) and select the photo that you want to hide.
2. Now Tap “Edit” and then select the “Crop” option at the bottom.
3. Drag the corners of the cropping box inside such that a very small portion of the image is visible inside that box.
4. Save cropped version and it will replace the original image in your photo library.


When you edit photo inside iOS, the original copy of the photo gets saved along with the edited version. Hence we can get back the original photo whenever needed. Now lets see how to get back the original photo.


How To Steps to Get back the original Photo:
1. Open the Edited photo.
2. Navigate to menu and select “Edit“.
3. Now select “Revert to Original”.

The above steps may not work on iPhone, so you can drag the cropping handles outside to see the original version and click on save.