Windows 8 users can avail the inbuilt speed dial like feature in it. Want to know how? We made this tip for you to show how to use Speed Dial in Windows 8 using Windows Key + Number Keys.

How To Steps:
1. Pin the Program you want to open using speed dial in to your taskbar.

Screenshot (1)2. For E.g.: I’m having Windows Explorer, Firefox,Chrome, Microsoft Word in Order.
3. Now to Launch the programs using Windows Key + Number Keys.

4. Press Windows Key + 1 to launch Windows Explorer
Windows Key + 2 to launch Firefox
Windows Key + 3 to launch Chrome
Windows Key + 4 to launch Microsoft Word

Windows Key + any of 1,2,3,4,5,6,7,8,9,0 key launches corresponding programs in taskbar.

Windows automatically detects your taskbar program order and define the Number keys according to it.

Also Holding down the shift key in addition to Windows Key + Number Keys

E.g.: Windows Key + Shift Key + Number Keys launches another instance of the same Program.

Say for example If i press Windows Key + Shift Key + 4 , it will launch another Microsoft Word Window.

Start using Speed dial in Windows 8 and launch your programs quicker, save your time.