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tnext Multi Port Smart USB One Home One Charger Review

tnext is a Chennai based company which manufactures products like Power banks, Smart chargers, earphones, USB cables and more. tnext Multi Port Smart USB One Home One Charger is capable of charging six devices at the same time.

I have recently got a chance to use their Multi Port Smart USB One Home One Charger and here is the detailed review about the product after 15 days of usage.

Design and Package:

The device has premium look which comes with a fireproof glossy plastic design with auto-sense ICs. The design is tower shaped and looks perfect for desks. The device comes in two different colors black and blue, whereas the center part of the device carries the color and the rest has the white color finish. On the front, we have 6 USB ports for charging and a small blue indicator below the last USB port. Left and right side we have the tnext branding and on the back, we have the connector to the power.

Inside the box, we have the Multi-Port Charger, a connecting wire which helps to connect the device to the electric current and a small user manual. The device comes with overcharge protection, Over current protection and short circuit protection.

Technical Specifications:

Model Number: TC-01
USB Output Current: Each port can load 2.5A (6 port share 8A)
AC IN: AC100-240V RMS±10%., 50/60Hz
Weight: 200 gm
Size: 112.5 mm x 78.8 mm x 65.8 mm [L x W x H]
Available Colors: Black & Blue
Certified: BIS, CE, FCC, and RoHS

Performance & Usage:

Gadgets had become our daily partner in terms of mobiles, Bluetooth speakers, smart watches and many other devices. Most of the devices are compatible with USB charging. In this case, we can’t keep many adaptors and wires for each and every gadget, also it is not possible to charge all the devices at the same time due to the shortage of plug points in our usual homes and offices. During this situation, we think about a single device which can able to charge multiple devices at the same time.

tnext Multi Port Smart USB One Home One Charger is one of the devices, which solves the above-mentioned problem in your home and office. I had a chance to use this device and I have been using this device for the past 15 days. I have connected six USB cables to this single device and used to charge all my USB compatible devices which I use on a daily basis like two smartphones, smart remote, Bluetooth speaker, Mi Band 2, etc., The device performs well even though you have connected six devices at the same time.

The first two USB ports are capable of IC intelligent recognition, hence it recognizes the device which requires more charger and divides the power accordingly. There is a blue indicator which lights up when the device is powered on and goes off when the device is switched off. I haven’t felt any overheat or short circuit issues on any of my devices as well on the charger itself. It reduces and free up the charger issues and allows us to charge more devices at the same time.

Price and Availability:

The device is priced around Rs.2000 and you can buy it from Amazon and Flipkart.

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