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Top 7 Apps That You Must Download While Traveling In India

Everyone in the world loves to travel. People will be excited to travel to a new place. Whenever you are traveling, the first thing that strikes to our mind is planning. As there are a huge amount of mobile users in the world the android is taking storm by helping the people to download the apps which will help in their life.

There are many travel apps available in the play store at free of cost, some are even money paid. If you’re looking for some apps which will help you to travel anywhere in the world then we are here to help you with some of the best apps to download.

Here are some of the best apps that every traveler must install on their phone during the journey.

1. Airbnb:

A travel app used to book accommodation for the travelers. If you’re looking to find your stay then this app helps you to provide various places such as Hostels, Hostels, Guest rooms, staying with local host etc. at a minimum price. There are many options available depending upon the price limit. You can also be a host to different travelers and help them to find accommodation at your place.

2. Kayak:

One of the best travel apps available in the play store. This app helps the travelers to find the flights, hotels to stay and also rent a car to travel destinations at a cheaper price. The app lists the entire minimal amount and provides private deals to the passengers using this app to book the required flight, place, and car. It’ll also help you to track your journey while traveling.

3. Citymapper:

This app is similar to Google maps where it is available at a free of cost. It provides the details of the nearest transit locations including the traffic. All details of every transport are available. Get all the directions and route of the major cities in the world. For now, this app only works in major cities like Sydney, Melbourne, Tokyo, London, California, New York, Seoul etc.

4. Foursquare:

Most of the people waste their time by searching the best spots to eat their food. Instead with this app, they can get the best places available at your place and the reviews of the customers who already visited before. This app is user-friendly and helps you to find the place as per your requirement. I’d recommend this app to search the best places for best quality food.

5. XE currency:

Are you traveling to another country? Want to know the price in your local currency then this app will come in handy as it will convert any currency into the required one. This app also provides the currency exchange rate every minute. When the price drops or increases it’ll notify you of the updates. All you must do is to track the currency rate before you exchange when you travel to a different country.

6. Tripit:

An all-around travel app which helps you to store all the information about your travel including the tickets, money you spent etc. In this app, you can even know about the flight details if your flight is delayed. All you need is to email the details to plans@tripit.com in advance where this app will remind you all the details at the time of travel.


Planning to travel India, then this is one the most important apps to look. IRCTC is a government official app developed by Indian Railways where you can book your tickets in advance as per your requirement and also hotels. In India, ticket booking is a big concern so immediate tickets availability is tough so you need to book before in advance to avoid disappointment. You can also track your journey train while traveling from the official Indian railway’s website or at runningtrain.in to know the location. Apart from the above mentioned apps there are many other similar travel apps that work equally well. Head over to Savvy Expeditioner to explore more such travel apps. The site also has latest content on new destinations, traveler’s tips and more to cater all your traveling needs.


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