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Useful Anti-Malware Tools To Ensure Your Computer Safety in 2019

Living during the age of technology has its perks and as well as downsides. The thing is that the notion of cyber threats is clearly not new, but not everyone is fully aware of what it may result in. The thing is that due to such attacks many people lose their private files, accounts, and other important data.

That is why the question arises – how can you ensure your safety against cyber attacks? The answer is very simple – use antimalware software. In case you are still not sure which tools to give your preference so – we have compiled a list of five best anti-malware apps that you should use in 2019. Let’s have a closer look at them!


To begin with, the utility supports all the Windows operating system versions from XP to 10. The utility is designed to detect as well as store file fingerprints on a cloud server after it deletes them from your computer, while it does not leave fingerprints on your computer. The tool comes with a set of advantages. The fact is that Zemana is lightweight and it is easy to install.

What is more, it can easily cooperate with other similar apps. It needs to be mentioned that it comes with a free trial version, but the complete version should be paid for. In case you want to read through a complete zemana review, all you need to do is to follow the link.

AVG Antivirus

This software supports all Windows operating systems without exception, besides it also supports Mac as well as Android. The fact is that this is another powerful antivirus program. However, in order to use its services to the fullest, you need to install the utility on your computer. The anti-malware application works in such a way that it scans the attachments and computer drives for malware.

Even though it can block up to 4-million threats daily, it is not effective for anti-phishing purposes. Besides, you need to monitor it manually so that the tool does not get outdated.

Spybot Search&Destroy

Spybot is designed to work on all Windows versions from XP to 10. It is developed as a counteractive solution to spyware and adware. The software detects the malware and removes it from a Windows system.

It needs to be pointed out that Spybot detects adware networks and their attempts at redirection, registry modifications, changes in browser configuration automatically.

 However, the interface it comes with may be challenging for the user who has no previous experience with similar apps. Besides, it takes a while for the tool to be through with the scan.

Windows Malicious Software Removal Tool

This type of anti-malware software supports only Windows 7 through 10 versions. The utility has been developed for Windows operating system particularly. This means that you should use it with other similar tools to ensure complete safety of your computer.

Even though the tool checks your device for many different types of malware, it does not offer real-time protection.


The tool is designed to support Windows 7 to 10 as well as Windows Server 2008/2012.

In terms of installation, the software is very simple. It needs to be mentioned that it is created for all users to combat the activities of ransomware. A curious fact it that is has been developed by former US military cybersecurity experts. The application detects and destroys malicious ransomware that can sabotage your sensitive data in Windows systems and servers.

The only downside is that it can’t be automatically updated.

As you can see, there are many software anti-malware options to consider when it comes to ensuring your cybersecurity. Choose the one that fits your needs best and stay safe!

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