How To View IP address of Website Using Command Prompt

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Using Windows Command Prompt you can view the IP address of any website. You may also use the IP address to navigate the website if the website has unique IP. Let’s see how to find the IP address in command prompt. 

You can view the IP address using the ping command.

How To Steps:

Step 1: Open Command Prompt [Windows + R and then type CMD or Right Click on Start Menu and launch Command Prompt or Windows + X and then click Command Prompt]

Step 2: Now type ping<space>URL and hit enter.

Eg: ping

No need to add www. prefix before the URL.

Step 3: Now the IP address of will be displayed in the command prompt as highlighted.

Now you got the IP address of and you can use the IP address instead of in the address bar to navigate to Google website. Please note that, you can access the website using IP address only if the website has a dedicated IP.