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View Photos in ASCII Art – Hidden Feature of Facebook & Instagram Unveiled

Whenever we are uploading a photo to Facebook and Instagram, the system will automatically create an ASCII art equivalent of the same photo. This is not visible to anyone , hence it comes under a hidden feature. The hidden feature was widespread, after a tweet from developer Mathias Bynens last week. He has unveiled a small tweak, which allow the users to view their Facebook and Instagram Photos in ASCII art.

There is no wonder why both Facebook and Instagram follows the same way, as we all know that Facebook owns Instagram.

Tweak :

Take the URL of your Facebook or Instagram Photo and just append
`.txt` – to view the photo in ASCII art [Black & White]
`.html` – to view the photo in full colored ASCII art

Getting image URL is little complicated. So let see how to get the URL of Facebook or Instagram photos.

For Instagram, check the source code (or inspect) in your browser and grab the URL.
For Facebook, right-click on the photo didn’t provide the correct URL format. If You’re able to get the URL of your photo, then you can try this feature.


I have personally tested this feature and as per my experience, this feature is not working on all photos. Also the photo needs to be public or the tweak won’t work. So please keep on trying on your photos and share your experience in comments.

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