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VLC 3.0 with 360 Degree Photo and Video Support (VLC 360) – Download

The most popular video player app VLC is going to support 360 Degree photos and videos in its upcoming version VLC 3.0 (VLC 360). VLC media player is one of the popular, free and open-source media players which supports a wide range of video and audio formats. VLC media player is widely used across all major platforms which include Windows, mac, iOS, Android, Linux.

In addition to the existing features, the developers released a beta version of the upcoming version 3.0 last Saturday, which supports 360-degree video, photos and also panoramic photos. In association with 360-degree camera maker Giroptic, the developers implemented this feature into the software.

VLC 3.0

Features of VLC 3.0 (VLC 360) listed in the official build website:

  • It supports Playback of 360 Videos following the Spatial Video spec
  • It also supports Playback of 360 Photos and Panoramas following the Spherical spec
  • It has Display modes with Zoom, Little planet, and Reverse little planet
  • You can Control it with your Mouse and Keyboard
  • Open Source and Cross-platform, accelerated with OpenGL and Direct3D11

The users can view the 360 videos, photos and you can click and drag the videos and photos to look around in 360 degrees. Scroll the mouse wheel or use the keyboard shortcuts to zoom in and zoom out.

VLC 3.0

VLC 3.0 software is now available in the beta version which is unstable and the stable version is expected to be in next few days. If you can’t wait to experience the 360-degree feature, you can go ahead and download the beta version which has some bugs but has almost all the features.

The official build web page also has a sample photo and video to test. You can download them to test it on your VLC 360 beta player.

Download VLC beta for Windows and MacOS

Soon the 360 support will be available on all platforms. Developers also confirmed that VLC will support VR headsets like Vive, Daydream, Oculus or OSVR, 3D audio playback, including head tracking headphones in 2017, which is a good move.

So, VLC is going in a right direction and well prepared for the feature. Hope for the best updates soon. Stay tuned.


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