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Want More Instagram Followers? Here’s How To Do It

Having more followers is not just for vanity but also give you a number of advantages. Instagram is the best platform for building massive following count, market your business and share your ideas with the millions of people. If you have just a couple hundred of Instagram followers then this article will surely help you. We have gathered some ways to get more followers. Here’s how to increase Instagram followers.

How to increase Instagram followers:

Posting picture is the primary content format on Instagram. People want to see the visually appealing picture. So you need to take care of some factors before posting a photo on your page.

  • Lighting: For taking photos, use natural light. With this keep in mind that early in the morning and before sunset (evening) is a good time to capture some good shots for your Instagram feed.
  • Symmetry: The symmetry of photos should be noticeable but keep your most prominent photo in the center.
  • Background: Background should be simple yet appealing. But don’t make it busy that it takes away the focus from your subject.
  • Filters: Filters is good for use as it makes the picture more creative and appealing. But don’t use so many filters, use one or two filters only. Try to use the same filter with each photo to give a constant look of your Instagram page.
  • Color Theme: The theme color should be amazing but use similar color tones for each photo.

Like other’s Photos:

The fastest way to increase your followers is to begin liking the photos of others. Start with the pictures that are relevant to your niche. For example, if you are a fashion blogger, you can search #style, #fashion, #celebrityfashion etc. and start liking a bunch of photos. Once you like the photos of others then a number of people will follow you back and like your posts. You can also try some tools like Followers Gallery to get free Instagram likes organically. Another good way to get followers quickly is to search the popular hashtags and start liking these tags. There are a lot of applications that will show you the popular hashtags on that day. According to social media marketing experts, the more you like photos, the more you get followers.

Comment On other’s photos:

However, it takes a lot of time but it works. It is an effective way to grab the attention of the people. Try to leave thoughtful comments on the popular posts. Especially comment on that picture which has less comment, there are more chances to get followers in this case.

Tag In The Comments Section:

If you are going to use a few tags in the post, then add them at the end of the post. But if you are going to use a bunch of tags in the post, then don’t insert too many tags at the end of the post. Put some tags in the comment section. For instance, if you post a photo then post your pic and then instantaneously comment on this photo with your tags.

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