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What Is a Zendesk Call Center?

Zendesk is a customer relationship management (CRM) company that has created software to improve customer relationships. It’s designed to set up teams for success and keep businesses in sync. It helps save agents time by offering collaborative tools to connect partners and provide them with quick responses, and it’s a great way for agents to track the customer journey and offer personalized support. Plus, Zendesk leverages built-in routing to optimize the data entry process and escalate issues that need the assistance of live agents. If your company already utilizes Zendesk software, then it can be used in conjunction with Bright Pattern for the best omnichannel contact center solution. Learn all about Zendesk call centers and how Bright Pattern boosts Zendesk’s capabilities.

What is Bright Pattern?

Bright Pattern is a powerful omnichannel cloud-based contact center solution that seamlessly integrates with Zendesk’s CRM software. Thanks to these new capabilities, a Zendesk call center allows for customer service teams to access information and data regarding the customer with just a few clicks of a button. Bright Pattern’s software uses powerful artificial intelligence to provide customer support through different communication channels, such as live chat, instant messenger, phone support, email, and even video chat. Thanks to Bright Pattern’s simple call center solution, agents can access the software straight from a browser and offer the best possible customer experience. Support teams can personalize their interactions through the use of different communication channels and also track the customer journey through any channel. Because Bright Pattern supports multiple integrations, it makes for an all-in-one, easy-to-use agent desktop.

How does Bright Pattern integrate with Zendesk?

The Zendesk CRM and Zendesk suite can be powered and supported by Bright Pattern’s omnichannel contact center software. This helps boost overall efficiency, lower the call handle times, and optimize a seamless customer experience. Since Zendesk offers a cloud-based CRM platform, it makes accessing customer information easy for your entire support team. But instead of agents having to shift back and forth between browsers or programs, Bright Pattern can integrate with Zendesk for a unified user interface. When callers contact the customer service team, they’ll be able to access Zendesk straight from the same platform in which they are also using Bright Pattern. This makes it easier for the customer experience to be efficient and effortless on both ends.

Why are clients choosing Bright Pattern for their call center?

Businesses that are already using Zendesk choose Bright Pattern thanks to its innovation of CRM integration. With Bright Pattern and Zendesk working hand in hand, agents are utilizing the industry’s leading CRM platform with the most advanced contact center software available. Bright Pattern is what makes Zendesk call centers maximize their potential. It supports search, identification, and even screen-pop functionality. Items are even created based on the interaction data. This unified agent desktop allows agents to deliver great customer service all from one workspace. Lastly, the Zendesk contact center integration utilizes Bright Pattern’s powerful AI and bots. This automates processes and reduces downtime to ensure that customers aren’t experiencing long holds and that their issues are easily solved as soon as they contact agents.

In conclusion, the advanced features of Bright Pattern are only enhanced with Zendesk integration, and the same can be said vice versa. If you want your business to streamline omnichannel support and offer great customer service, then it’s important to choose the right tools to make it happen. Support your agents with the best contact center and CRM solutions. With both the best call center software and CRM platform in place, you’ll guarantee top-quality agent performance as well as customer satisfaction.

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