When and What is the First Google Doodle Published?


A Google Doodle is nothing but a temporary alteration of the logo on Google’s homepages to mark or celebrate the holidays, events, achievements, birthdays, sports, people and many more. You may notice the change in standard Google Logo in the search engine and when hovering the mouse, it will show the Doodle name.

Till date, The Doodle team in Google has created over 2000 doodles around the world. But, Are you curious to know When and What is the first Google Doodle Published?

When and What is the First Google Doodle Published?

The first Google Doodle featured the Burning Man Festival and published on August 30, 1998. The Doodle was designed by the founders Larry Page and Sergey Brin to notify the users of their absence in case the servers crashed, Which is nothing but a symbolic out of office message to the users.

First Google DoodleAll the Google Doodle published [2000+] till date around the world is available in the Google Doodle’s Archive.

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