I am writing this post to make the bloggers/website owners to know more about Twitters Cards.

Twitter Cards is a API developed by Twitter Developers which adds a few META tags to the blog post and website pages. By adding the META tags it allows you to attach the media experience and more info on the tweets that link to your blog/website content. To optimize your blog/website with Twitter cards, all you need to add simple line of codes to your blog/website pages. With simple steps you can enable twitter cards to your blog/website. Twitter provides 7 different types cards which can be used for different types of websites/blogs.


Different Types of Twitter Cards with Screenshots:

Summary Card : This is the default card which includes Title, Description, Thumbnail and a twitter account attribution. Maximum number of blogs using this card and of course I’m also using this card in T2Lead.
summary card

Summary Card with Large Image : This is similar to Summary Card, but this card will display larger image when compared to Summary Card along with Title, Description, Thumbnail and a twitter account attribution.

summary with large image

Photo Card : This card is specially designed for photos. If you tweet links which has only photos then this card is useful to you.
photo card

Gallery Card : This is similar to Photo Card, but this card is designed to highlight a collection of photos in a link.

gallery card

App Card: This card displays the info about an application. If you are an app developer and your website links to the apps, then you can use this card.
app card

Player Card : This Card is designed for streaming media experiences such as audio, video, or slide shows, and allows you to display your content inside of an iframe within the Tweet.
player card

Product Card: This card designed to represent retail items and this card is very useful for the shopping websites to display their products better in tweets.
product card

Benefits of Twitter Cards :

If someone share your website/blog URL in twitter without mentioning the official twitter account of your blog. Don’t worry. Once you enabled twitter cards on your blog/website, twitter will start display the cards when the URL of the blog/website is shared. As i said earlier you can see the twitter account attribution in the summary. Hence the people can to know that the URL belongs to the particular Account/Website.

What is Twitter Card Analytics?:
Recently Twitter announced analytics for Twitter cards. Twitter Said “The Twitter Card analytics dashboard is designed to help you find what matters and take action.”  With this you can measure the results of your twitter cards. Sign in to Twitter to Analytics to get started.

Analytics available for

  • Tweets
  • Followers
  • Twitter Cards

You can navigate to each analytics data separately and you can also download the CSV file of your analytics data.

See the below screenshot of @T2Lead twitter cards analytics.

Screenshot (427)

Checkout Video Tutorial for Card Analytics by Twitter:

How To Get Started with Twitter Cards for your Blog/Website:

1. As i said at the beginning, to optimize twitter cards for your blog/website first step you need to do is to add META tags to your blog/website. META tags will differ according to the different types of cards. Before you start choose the appropriate card for your blog/website.

2. Once you add the META tags to your website, you can check whether your page has been enabled with twitter cards using Twitter Validator and once your page has been validated, you can request approval for the card here.

3. Once Approved, tweet the URL for the blog/website you have applied for twitter cards and see the Card appear below your tweet.

4. If you want measure the results of your twitter card use Twitter Card Analytics.

Hope now you have a better understanding about Twitter Cards. Feel free to share your thoughts and raise questions to make it clear using comments.

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  • Ramya


    Best guide to understand about Twitter Cards. Before reading this post i thought only 4 cards are available and now i came to know that there are 7 types of cards twitter offering. Informational guide. Also Try to post a guide on how to add twitter cards in wordpress blogs.


  • Abi

    Searching for many days to know that what type of card youtube uses in twitter. Today i came to know that is player card. Thanks for the brief guide on twitter cards.


  • Vinoth

    Want to enable twitter cards on my wordpress site. can i have any tutorials for the same.

    Vinoth R

  • Sudhan

    This can be applied on blogs only or we can apply it on custom websites too?

    Sudhan R

    • You can use it on custom websites too…