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What You Need to Know to Choose The Best TV Lift Cabinet For You

Through recent years, the screens we use have been getting bigger and bigger. It’s especially obvious if you look at the TV displays. According to research, in 2019 their average size is expected to be two times it was in 2009! The development of LCD and OLED technologies has definitely inspired this change, as well as a number of other improvements.

However, there are some inconveniences connected to having huge TV screens at home. Firstly, they occupy a lot of space that could otherwise be used for something else. Secondly, the bigger the screen, the higher the chance of it being damaged (especially if you have kids). Lastly, they are an eyesore, particularly if they don’t fit into the overall room interior. That’s where TV lift cabinets come in.

How They Function

TV lift cabinets allow you to hide and reveal your TV whenever you see fit. They usually consist of the cabinet itself (this is where the display will be stored), the frame on which the TV is installed, and a lift: the mechanism that moves the frame when you press the button.

The lift uses linear actuators to drop the screen down or push it up. Linear actuators are motors (in this case – mostly electric) that, unlike most other engines, can directly move objects in a straight line. TV lifts are a minor example of the variety of mechanisms these actuators are used in.

Things You Need to Know

Knowing how the TV lifts work is important, but it’s not enough to pick the right cabinet. Here are a couple of things you need to consider before making a purchase:

1. Style

A lot of people use the TV cabinet for their screen so as to not mess up the room’s interior design. For example, if you want your room to have a minimalistic, rustic or traditional feel, you wouldn’t want to have a huge TV set in the middle of the room. However, there are cabinets that fit these styles, so choose this part of your TV lift wisely.

Furthermore, you can incorporate the lifted TV position into your room design too. For example, with the help of some neon lights, you can add a futuristic feel to your mechanism.

2. Storage space

There is an additional way a TV lift cabinet can help you to save space. It can be used not only to conceal your TV screen but also to store some other stuff as well. Other things you can hide there include speaker systems, different types of consoles, discs with movies and video games, and even snacks! If you want to be creative, you will need to pick a cabinet with more storage space.

3. Type of mechanism

Another factor you need to know about is that there are different types of lifting mechanisms. Mostly they depend on the direction you would want them to work. Some lift the TV up from the cabinet, some lower it down from the ceiling. There are even mechanisms that move the screen sideways and forward. They differ in the type of actuator they use and in the construction of the lift itself. So, before buying a TV lift, you have to know how you want them to work.


All in all, there are a lot of specifications you need to determine before buying a TV lift. However, a thorough plan will help you to choose one of the progressive TV lifts that suit your needs the best. Hopefully, this article provides enough information to make this decision much easier.

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