Yesterday globally “WhatsApp” was a trending topic, because Facebook acquired whatsapp for $19 Billion. Now Whatsapp rolled out a major privacy update to its android users. Now Whatsapp users will be able to hide their last seen time, photo, status from others.


You can do this by navigate to “Settings”- >”Account” -> “Privacy”. This new privacy menu has few menu as shown in the screenshot.


Each menu has 3 options.

Everyone : If you choose this option, who are all having your phone number or having you as a WhatsApp contact will be able to see it.

My Contacts : If you choose this option, only the contacts in your contact list can see it.

Nobody : If you choose this option, just you can only able to see it.

Note : This update was still not appeared in Google Play Store, but can download this updated version of WhatsApp from the official Website.

Update : Now the update is officially available in Google Play Store. Update your app now.