WhatsApp New Beta Extends the Time to Delete Message For Everyone


WhatsApp New Beta Extends The Time To Delete For EveryoneThe latest WhatsApp beta has included a few features which also include the extended time to Delete Message For Everyone. Recently WhatsApp introduced the Delete Message option which allows the users to delete the message in the group chats for everyone and to self, but the feature was limited to only 7 minutes. If you try to delete the message for everyone after 7 minutes, then you can’t be able to delete for others. But in the new beta update, WhatsApp has extended the time to delete message for everyone. As per the new beta update, now the time to delete the message is extended to 4096 seconds which is 68 minutes and 18 seconds. So you can delete message for everyone even after 1 hour of time.

This feature was included in the latest beta version 2.18.69. Along, with the extended time to delete message for everyone, the beta includes other few features. Soon, the update is expected to be available in the stable version. So, Stay tuned.

If you’re interested, do install the beta version and share your thoughts in the comments section.

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