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WhatsApp Update brings Mark as Unread, Custom Notifictaions, Data Usage and More

Whatsapp has released a major update to its android app which includes many key features like improved user experience, custom notifications, low data usage, etc., The latest version of WhatsApp is numbered as v2.12.194. With the much-awaited features, this update is considered as one of the major update. After updating to the lastest version you will get the following features.

  • Improved User Experience
  • Custom notifications for individual contacts and groups
  • Mute option on detail page
  • Low data usage on WhatsApp call
  • Mark messages as Read and Unread
  • Bytes sent and received by Google Drive Backup

Let’s see in detail about the updates.

Custom notifications for individual contacts and groups:

When you navigate to the individual contact or group’s detail page, you can see “Custom Notifications” option under Notifications. With this feature, you can customize the notification for individual contact or group by choosing specific notification tones, vibration length, notification light, pop-up notification.

Whatsapp Custom Notifications copy

Mute option on detail page:

The Mute option is now included in the details page of contact/group under Notifications. You can turn on/off mute by swiping the button. The mute option includes predefined periods like 8 hours, 1 week, 1 year and also turn off notifications which are same as the old.

Whatsapp Mute

Low data usage on WhatsApp call:

Due to the high data consumption of WhatsApp calls, they made an option to use “Low Data Usage” during calls which reduce the amount of data usage during calls. You can avail this feature by navigating to “Settings > Chats and Calls”, go to Call Settings and check the low data usage box to enable.

Whatsapp low data usgae copy

Mark messages as Read and Unread:

Now you can mark your messages as read and unread similar to emails. Just tap and hold on the group or contact, you will receive a pop-up window with “Mark as Read” and “Mark as Unread” option.

Whatsapp unread

Note: Mark as Unread option don’t change the position of the chat window, but still you can use this option to remind and reply later.

In addition to the above, under “Network Usage”, you can see the bytes sent and received for Google Drive Backup.

Download :

The update will be rolling out to Play Store in few days. In the meanwhile, you can try the updated version by downloading the latest app from WhatsApp official website.

Let me know your experience with the new update.

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