Word Lens is a real-time translator app for smartphones. Initially this app was developed by Quest Visual team. Recently [On May 16th 2014] Google acquired Quest Visual, to make Google Translate more effective with Word Lens. Word Lens uses the built-in smart phone cameras to scan the text and it translate and display the words immediately in then screen. The translation process doesn’t require any internet connection and it is the notable feature of this app. You can easily get better speed results on a clearly printed texts. As of now the app doesn’t recognize handwriting or stylish fonts. If you have flashlight on your phone, keep it on to get better results. You can also zoom in the text using zoom functions available in the smart phone camera.

How it Works:

This app recognizes the printed words using its optical character recognition capabilities and it instantly translates the words into the desired language. The language is already pre-loaded inside the app, hence no internet connection needed to translate the languages.

Currently the below listed languages can be translated using this app.
Available language pairs:

  • English – Russian
  • English – Spanish
  • English – French
  • English – Italian
  • English – German
  • English – Portuguese

Cost :
This application is available for free on iTunes Store as well as Google Play Store.

Availability :
iPhone, iPod, iPad – Get it on iTunes Store
Android 2.3.3 and upper version – Get it on Google Play Store
Google Glass – Get it on Glassware App Store

Sample Screenshot:

Word Lens - Best Real Time Translator App for SmartPhones (1)

Video Demo :