Google has updated it’s YouTube mobile app with a new feature exclusively for Pixel 2 XL devices. Yes, You can now Pinch-To-Zoom on the Video to make it fit on the screen. Usually, on other devices, you have the feature for full-screen display, where the app automatically switch to full-screen display with a tap. But, Google made an exclusive feature for Pixel 2 XL owners to take control of the videos. You can Pinch-To-Zoom on the video playing to make it full screen and Zoom Out to go back. However, you may end in cropping the top and bottom of the video while zooming in. But still many users like this feature.

If you are a Google Pixel 2 XL users, then make sure you have the latest version of YouTube, which is version 12.40 to use this feature.

Non-Pixel 2 XL users, Hope YouTube will add this feature for other devices soon.