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How To Boot Android in Safe Mode

Hi Android users, today i have post for you all. In this post I have listed how to boot your android in safe mode. You all aware we used to boot windows operating system in safe mode, during critical situations. Likewise, we can boot android in safe mode too. Lets see the steps to do so.

How To Steps:

1. Press and Hold the Power on/off button and you will prompted with power off/restart options.
2. Just tap and hold on “Power off” option for few seconds and now you will get an option to reboot your android phone in safe mode, tap “OK”.
3. Now your phone will rebooted in safe mode, you can see the “Safe Mode” text in left bottom screen on your android phone.

To boot again in normal mode, just reboot your phone with normal procedure you usually do. That’s all.

Boot Android

Checkout the Video tutorial for better understanding :

[youtube width=”602″ height=”350″ video_id=”MZaU19jCFXA”]

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