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BookMark Your WhatsApp Messages Using Starred Messages Feature

Now BookMark Your WhatsApp Messages

WhatsApp has introduced the bookmark feature to mark the important messages. The new feature is named as “Starred Messages”. This is one of the notable update from whatsapp, which helps the users to mark the important messages and retrieve it quickly when required. You can retrieve the list of starred messages from a separate menu. It is helpful to mark the particular messages from thousands and thousands of messages from the chat. You can mark messages as starred from any individual chats, group chats, etc., The Starred Message feature is similar to Gmail Starred mails feature.

The starred message feature update was already started rolling out to Android and iOS users. Hence check your whatsapp for updates and start using this feature. You can also Download the latest version from its official website.

Lets see how mark messages as starred and how to unstar it.

Whatsapp Starred Messages (2)

How To Star a Message :

To mark the message as starred, just “Tap and Hold on any message in any chat to star it, so you can easily find it later”.

Once you tap and hold on any message, a menu will be appeared with options including “Star”, just tap on it. Now your message is added to “Starred Messages” list.

Whatsapp Starred Messages (1)

A small Star symbol will shown in the message near the time stamp of the message once it starred.

Whatsapp Starred Messages (3)

How To View Starred Messages:

Whatsapp has added a menu called “Starred Messages”, where you can see all the starred messages.

whatsapp starred messages 5

How to UnStar a Message :

If you wrongly starred any message or you no longer want a message in starred list, you can unstar it anytime.

Just tap and hold on the starred message, you will get menu with Unstar option. Just tap on it.

Whatsapp Starred Messages (4)

You can also unstar the messages from Starred Messages menu.

Final Thoughts :

The starred messages feature will be helpful to many whatsapp users, personally it is useful for me to mark the messages from tons of conversations. I used to mark the important messages as starred from many groups and conversations, which helps me to checkout the message later on. So i can’t miss any important items. Let me know your thoughts on this bookmark feature. Hope whatsapp will bring more features on coming days.

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