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Hide Text Inside Image Using Command Prompt [Steganography]

Many of you aware of Steganography. In simple words, Steganography is hiding something inside the image. There are now a lot of softwares now available in the market for Steganography. But with default windows utilities you can hide text/document inside the image.

In this tutorial, we have made a step by step guide on how to hide text inside the image using command prompt in windows using simple DOS commands. It doesn’t require any additional softwares.

Requirements :

a. Image file
b. Document that contains your hiding text [document may be anything Eg: txt, doc, pdf, etc.,]
c. Windows Operating System

How to Steps :

Step 1: Place the Image file and the Document in a folder.

Step 2: Zip the document file.

Step 3: Now, Open the Command Prompt and navigate to the folder where you’re having the image and document zip file.

Step 4: Now type copy /b imagefilename + zipfilename [filename with extensions] and hit enter.
Eg: copy /b 1.jpg + 2.zip

Step 5: Now You can see the size of the image file has been increased.
Step 6: You can now send the image alone to anyone and it contains the document inside it.

How to Extract the document in image :

Step 1: Open the image with unzip tool [We recommend 7Zip]

Step 2: Navigate to the image file location and Click on that image and extract the image.

Step 3: You can able to see the document in the extraction.

That’s it. Hope you like the tutorial.
Note: Use this only for educational purpose.

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